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We bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ right where they are while encouraging each one to stand up and be a man with their bible in hand. Also, to hit their knees and develop a true relationship with Christ through His word and prayer. Assist as best we can to help those same men develop a success in Christ life plan that does not get him back to where he was, but to where he has never been. A place where he has a NEW NAME! We promote and encourage the ripple effect of discipleship that transcends generations. ends transgressions of the previous generations and ends cycles generational sin, incarceration and dysfunction.

Scott shares some vision about Project New Name while also giving insight on what Prison Ministry is all about.

Anthony shares his testimony about being inside the prison walls and how important this mission is for those looking for hope.

Sherry is a counselor with Carroll County Prison and shares some insight on the programs they use and how that intertwines with Project New Name.

Robert shares vision on MUGGS mission behind creating Project New Name.

What’s a typical night with Project New Name?

  • A typical night at the jail we sign in and are escorted to a room used for our meeting.  The guards begin to release the inmates from their pods who want to come in for Bible study.  We usually start with getting to know the inmates in conversation for about 20 minutes.
  • A lot of them return week after week.  Some are new.  Then we start our Bible study which lasts around 20-30 minutes.
  • We present the Gospel during Bible study and pray to end.
  • We only go to areas where the inmates are not threatening and are not allowed in areas where the worst inmates are.
  • Then we are escorted out.
  • The entire process takes around 90 minutes.
  • Simple process and the guards/inmates appreciate us being there.

What are your needs with volunteers for this ministry?

  • Volunteers are always needed and welcomed. As we begin to go to New prisons we are needing more folks to minister to the inmates

Do I need to go through any training before I start with this project?

  • There is no training.  A short application is filled out for identification. All you need is a willing spirit.  You will not be alone with any inmates, we always go on pairs and with an experienced volunteer.

I have a bunch of bibles on hand, can I donate them to your ministry?

  • At this time we only accept approved bibles. Contact Robert(at) for more information.